Midland Partnership NHS Trust


Trust Headquarters Mellor House, St George’s Site, Corporation Street, Stafford ST16 3SR

Organisation's website

Midland Partnership NHS Trust

Geographical coverage

South Staffordshire and Shropshire areas, partnering with Inclusion Thurrock Recovery College

Type of Organisation


Midland Partnership NHS Trust

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Useful Resources from MPFT

Student Zoom Guidance
Security Letter to all students(DOCX)
Security Letter to all students(PDF)
Practical Mindfulness Online Session handouts for students
Practical Mindfulness – Student Pack
Laptop Zoom guidance
iphone Zoom guidance
Ipad Zoom guidance
Android Zoom guidance
How to stretch NHS
Neck Workout
PTSD MindfulBreathing
PTSD progressive-muscle-relaxation-free-en-gb
PTSD word doc of PowerPoint slides
Thought Distortions
Step by step handout
Techniques for Managing Panic Attacks
Thought Diary
Thought Distortions-1
outline of person for physical symptoms exercise
Booklet – Anxiety Management and Relaxation
Habit Tracker Handout

Alarming adrenaline – Physical symptoms of anxiety

Building your Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Week 1 handouts

Support Organisations signposting handout – local and national
Types of intelligence
Support organisations

Week 2 handouts

Self-acceptance and self-forgiveness
Bullet journal
Inspiring Quotes

Week 3 handouts


Week 4 handouts

Body language
Cultivating a nurturing voice

Week 6 handouts

Communications styles
Personal Boundaries
References from the course and further reading
Positivity Journal Handout
What Keeps Me Well – Handout
Techniques for Managing Panic Attacks-1

Walk This Way-new
Qi Gong exercises
Five ways handout
What is Self Esteem
Support organisations
Alarming adrenaline – Physical symptoms of anxiety

Thought Distortions-2
Booklet – Anxiety Management and Relaxation-1
Habit Tracker Handout-1
Step by step handout-1
COMPASSION in a NUTSHELL Handout Version
Habit Tracker Handout.docx
Booklet – Anxiety Management and Relaxation
Techniques for Managing Panic attacks
Step by step- breaking down goals
Anxiety Management strategy poster handout
How Compassion can change your brain – PP handouts Week 1
How Compassion can change your brain – PP Handout Week 2
How Compassion can change your brain – PP Handout Week 3