What values underpin Mind Recovery Net?


We know that Mind Recovery Colleges work as a network, sharing best practice and collaborating on problem solving. That resonates with us: we make software with clients, in a process of co-production, by listening, asking questions and observing behaviour. We value and seek to craft an open space, where we can put software and ideas in front of colleges early to test whether we’re speaking the same language and to bring our respective domains of expertise into the same room.


We know it’s important for Recovery Colleges to act independently, making local decisions about how to operate in response to who is coming to the service and what they need. That independence works because there’s a core set of principles that guide all Recovery Colleges. This matches our modus operandi of customisation: Mind Recovery Net has a strong backbone that facilitates registering and serving learners, upon which we customise features and reports to meet the individual needs and working methods of each Recovery College in our family.


We’ve observed that Recovery Colleges are constantly striving to maximise the impact of their service and that review, evaluation and improvement is key to that endeavour. We operate in much the same way, and call this iteration – we build a rough version, test it out, see what works and doesn’t, and design the next build stage on those findings. This process helps us to maximise the impact of Mind Recovery Net and ensures that the product grows alongside service provision and learning across the network.


Our shared values make us great co-producers, who can customise Mind Recovery Net for the most meaningful impact. We’re looking forward to the next evolution of Mind Recovery Net and to partnering with an even broader range of Recovery Colleges!