Pricing & Plans

Learners and Tutors don’t pay.

Mind Recovery Net is free of charge to Learners to use. We do not charge learners directly for using the website. Short course training providers pay for subscription so that learners don’t have to pay. Learners may pay for some Courses, and make payments directly to their short course provider – NOT to Mind Recovery Net.

Mind Recovery Net is free of charge for Tutors to use Tutor Corner. We will not charge individual Tutors directly for using the Tutor Corner website. Short course training providers pay for subscription so that Tutors don’t have to pay.

So who does pay? and how much?

Short Course Training providers pay a set-up fee and annual subscription to use the platform, gain access to the features, benefits and apps that we have available.

Alleviating the cost of set-up

We can help organisations out by spreading the cost of set-up over an extended period, thereby reducing the immediate financial impact of adopting Mind Recovery Net. The extended period is negotiable. Given our confidence that once you use Mind Recovery Net platform you’ll never want to go back to paper, spreadsheets and lack of clarity, the extended period can be up to five years.

Cost of Subscription only starts after trial period

Annual Subscription is payable once your first ‘real’ learner applies using the platform, or your first ‘real’ Tutor accesses Tutor Corner.

We believe this gives you time to assess whether the platform is for you.

If during this trial period you identify improvements or changes that we should make to the system to encourage you to subscribe then we would love to hear from you.

Subscribe to influence what we build next

If we believe that the improvements you suggest should be made, we will make them in order of priority, with the paying subscribers of Mind Recovery Net influencing the priority order.

Take a look at our Features page to see what is already “Coming soon”!

We would therefore encourage you to subscribe on the basis that what we have already built for you is going to be value for money and realise the benefits to your organisation.

How much?

Set-up is £5,250+VAT, and can be spread over an extended period of up to 5 years.

Annual Subscription is £4,250+VAT per annum, paid annually, or monthly as you wish.

Add Ons for SMS sending and receiving, and Tutor Corner Subscription apply, should you wish to add these features to your environments. We discuss these with your during planning stages.