We are based in Birmingham, UK. If you are near then come and talk to us face-to-face. We are real people. We operate from the same building as West Midlands Academic Health Science Network ( and connect ourselves with the network around that organisation.

If you believe that we are real, but are not near Birmingham, then fill in this form as we will contact you.

You will probably speak with one of our Directors, but we can also put you in contact with the Recovery Colleges that use the software as well if you like. So far we have got Oxfordshire Recovery College, Central and North West London Recovery College, Sussex Partnerships Recovery College and South Staffordshire and Shropshire Recovery College/Thurrock Inclusion College.

” … everyone LOVES the dashboard! Such a great part of the system – well done”

“the staff have really embraced it and are equally happy as our guys to have something that meets the requirements

“I’m hearing woops from the team as they are going through the new system!”

“I have been waiting 3 years for someone to build this for the recovery college community”

“it’s clear that it’s been integral to our ability to grow the college!”

Have you found your Provider Profile on our searchable list?. Take a look Provider List

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