“Going to another recovery college today to present the amazing collaborative work that has gone into creating [Mind Recovery Net] just made us realise how much has been achieved in the past year. Thank you Action Starter for being up for this exciting project and here’s to recovery colleges hopefully working more together in future thanks to Mind Recovery Net!”

oxfordshire recovery college

See ORC Online EOI Form

“I had a discussion with one of your existing colleges this week, …. [she] was saying how she is at the exact same stage as us, which is exciting (but hard work for you!) she says the staff have really embraced it and are equally happy as our guys to have something that meets the requirements – and everyone LOVES the dashboard! Such a great part of the system – well done”

“With so many clunky systems in the NHS, MRN is breath of fresh air. MRN has made our job fun!”

“The speed at which an EOI can be submitted and processed is incredible now!”

See CNWL Online EOI Form

central north west london_nhs

“Things are well thank you, and I’m hearing woops from the team as they are going through the new system!”

“I’ve been in post here at the college since January, and am now beginning to feel like I have a handle on MRN – it’s clear that it’s been integral to our ability to grow the college!”

See ORC Online EOI Form

oxfordshire recovery college

“I have been waiting 3 years for someone to build this for the recovery college community”

“I’m delighted you are not a robot – it is great to actually speak to a real person that can help us!”

“It is the little things that you have added to mindrecoverynet.org.uk that make the most difference to getting things done faster – well done!”

See Sussex Online EOI Form

sussex partnership_nhs

“You’ve clearly understood the principles of the College – and translated them into on online system that works for us”

“Whoever built this clearly knows what we do, and who we support! The right things are available that allow us to have a natural conversation with our service users – putting them at ease, making them feel comfortable and opening up to the opportunities of support that we can provide – it is a real asset to our organisation”

“The apps you have available are a comprehensive list of what we need to do to operate a learning college. The ones in development excite me as well! Looking forward to seeing them!”

See SSSFT and Thurrock Inclusion Online EOI Form


See CNWL Online EOI Form or ORC Online EOI Form or Sussex Online EOI Form or SSSFT and Thurrock Inclusion Online EOI Form

“One challenge which has been identified nationally when trying to collate and compare data across Recovery Colleges, is that most have home-grown systems comprising excel and access spreadsheets … it is worth flagging that many Colleges have invested in an electronic learning management system, Mind Recovery Net (MRN), developed by a software company ‘Action Starter’ which offers a tailor-made online data system, specifically for Recovery Colleges, for storing and managing student and tutor information. Widespread use of MRN could; in time, become a vehicle to share data, to inform Recovery College outcomes at a national level.” << could this be the future?