New to Mental Health Recovery Colleges?

Never heard of Mental Health Recovery Colleges? Get the facts below and understand more

A recovery college takes an educational rather than a clinical or rehabilitation approach to improving mental health.

We have built platforms for education establishments to manage their application processes

As far as possible the distinction between service users and professionals is avoided and there is an emphasis on co-production, co-delivery and co-participation in the learning.

An individual with experiences of mental health problems can be engaged in designing and delivering courses and not all of those participating in those courses will have a psychiatric diagnosis.

Tutors play a critical role in co-production. We have built the Tutor Corner to help you manage them. Tutors can also be booked onto courses as well.

The emphasis within the college is on strengths rather than problems.

Each person develops an individual learning plan which guides their journey through their studies.

Individual Learning Plans and Personal Learning Goals are just two apps that we built in mindrecoverynet. See them all here.

The aim is to offer subjects that would not be available in the local further education colleges and could include:

  • Understanding recovery
  • Understanding mental health conditions
  • Looking at mental health services and treatments
  • Personal wellbeing and health
  • Life skills, managing money, moving towards other education or employment
  • Training, advocacy and peer-support skills
You can manage your Courses, and your Scheduled Courses in mindrecoverynet, and publish both lists on your own website with a secure data feed that we give you.