Take a look at what apps we have built for you

For Applications and Students

Submitted Form

See all the information that the applicant or student submitted on their Expression of Interest form. You can edit and add to the details within this form with ease as you gain more information about the prospective learner. You can add other information to other apps below to build a more complete file on your students. Keep this one switched on you will love it!

Individual Learning Plan

This tab allows you to manage your Individual Learning Plans for your applicants or students. You can select whether it is an Initial Review (completed as part of induction), In Learning Review (do them as often as you like) or Exit Review (if that is part of your exit, or graduation, process), and quickly see a history of ILPs throughout the student journey with you.

Personal Learning Goals

This tab allows you to manage Personal Learning Goals for each of your students, as established at Individual Learning Plan review meetings, or at any time that you interact with your students.

Induction Checklist

This tab is a place to manage your induction checklist. All the things that need to be in place prior to enrolment.

Course Bookings

Book your students onto a Scheduled Course quickly and easily with this app. Information about bookings will also be available in each Scheduled Course Bookings app.


This tab allows you to set tasks against an applicant or student. The normal things you’d expect to see when setting a task are in here task title, description, due date, assigned to task status

Sent Email List

This tab lets you see a list of all emails that have been sent out to the student via the system. The Action “Send an Email”.

File Upload

Share documents relating to applicants and students quickly and easily across your administration team. This tab allows you to upload and store files such as PDFs, word documents, excel files and images to any applicant or student profile


This app allows you to capture all the communication events between you and the prospect.

Letter Mail Merge

This app allows you to produce mail merge letters based on a prospects details. You can view, print or download as a word document.

Enquiry Contact Details

This app allows you to capture contact details for your students beyond those that you captured in the Expression of Interest. e.g. other telephone, email, twitter & facebook

Next of Kin contact details

This tab allows you to capture next of kin or emergency contact details for your students. You can have as many as you like for each student. It will help you if a safeguarding issue emerges to see what the network of people there is around the student.

For Tutors

Tutor Full Details

See all the information relating to your Tutor. There is space for Tutor details, Tutor Status, Tutor Type and Tutor Group, reasons for becoming a tutor, geographical locations and linking Tutors to Courses that they can run.

Tutor Recruitment Pathway

Manage your Tutor recruitment pathway smoothly and effectively

Tutor Communication

Enable Tutor Corner and you will be able to send direct messages to your Tutors through the platform.

Personal Tutor Documents

Enable Tutor Corner and you will be able to share personal documents between you and the tutor.

Upload templates to share with Tutors

The ability for Admin to upload documents that the Tutor can view and download for use.

For Courses

Full Course Details

The full details of the Courses that you run. This is NOT the place to manage actual Scheduled Courses – that is AFTER you have set up the Courses. You can add as many Courses as you like, and manage details such as title, mandatory or optional, type, length and who is it for.

Quality Assurance

Use a Quality Assurance process for your Courses. Against each question, make a judgement as to whether they meet your quality standards.

Course Materials for Tutors

Documents for Sharing > a place for Tutors to upload, download, view documents that have been put there by other Tutors and Admin. They appear in the /course-profile page when the Admin is logged in

QA Panel Assessment

Use a QA Panel Assessment tool to help manage your feedback from your QA Panel as you review and approve more courses for delivery.

For Scheduled Courses

Scheduled Course – Bookings

Manage each Scheduled Course completely from just one screen. See which students are at each stage of the Booking process.

Scheduled Course Full Details

See all the information relating to your Scheduled Course. You can edit, and add to the details within this form with ease as you firm up the details of the Scheduled Course and make tickets available for booking.

IN DEVELOPMENT Scheduled Course – Attendance Records

This app is in development

IN DEVELOPMENT Feedback on course

A place to capture feedback on specific courses

For Tutor Corner

Secure Login and User Account

Set up and issue a secure User account to your Tutors to access Tutor Corner

Manage Profile

Allow the Tutor to update their information quickly and easily, removing the need for you to spend as much time maintaining the accuracy of their data.

Communicate with your Administration team

Allow direct messages to be sent between a logged in Tutor and the Admin team. Notifications are also sent in case either is not logged in at the time.

Tutor Teams

See a list of all Active Tutors on the system that are approved to deliver the various courses that the Tutor is approved to deliver, listed by the different Courses. This helps you build Tutor teams quickly and easily, and make them feel part of the community.

Schedule of Courses

Allow the Tutor to see a list of Scheduled Courses that the Tutor is lined up to run.

Download templates

The ability for the Tutor to download and use documents that the Admin team put there to use when developing and delivering courses.

Personal Documents

A place for Tutor to upload documents that only the Admin can see. They appear in the /tutor-profile page when the Admin is logged in. See “Tutor Documents” app

IN DEVELOPMENT – Potential Scheduled Courses

Allow the Tutor to see a list of Scheduled Courses that they could run based upon which Courses they are approved to deliver.

IN DEVELOPMENT – Learning Support Requirements for Learners

Allow the Tutor to see any information on Mental and Physical Health Challenges and/or Educational Challenges and/or Requirements to Support Learning for any learners that are booked onto the courses that they are running. This comes from students Individual Learning Plans.

IN DEVELOPMENT – Personal Learning Goals for Learners

All the Tutor to see Personal Learning Goals of the students that are booked onto the Scheduled Courses that they are running. It will help the Tutor familiarise themselves with what the students are trying to achieve and help them achieve it! It also allows the Tutor to add a new Personal Learning Goal one to their profile quickly and easily.

IN DEVELOPMENT – Course QA process

Allow the Tutor to see the outcome of any review of a Course that they are developing – in particular feedback from the Course QA Process and QA Panel Feedback.