Why did we build Mind Recovery Net?

As a technology company you may wonder why, or be intrigued as to the credibility we have, in building a system for Mental Health recovery colleges and training providers.

For 8 years one of our Directors delivered short courses, training and support through Institute in Leadership and Management. He also was a director of business support services for nationwide Apprenticeship programmes with qualifications delivered through City and Guilds. This gave us a great insight into how Mind Recovery Net should work for a training provider.

For 15 years another one of our Directors has been building technology solutions that work. Understanding what approach to take to building platforms that can solve the same problems for multiple clients whilst still delivering a secure and customisable solution that everyone feels as though they own a little bit of. This gave us a great insight into how Mind Recovery Net should be built for a training provider.

Our experience does not stop there. Our software development team pride themselves in their ability to build great tech but especially tech that people understand how to use. They often deliver training and education sessions to technical and non-technical clients so that nothing is lost in translation.

Alongside this, our existing customers, clients and partners tell us we have the amazing ability to help organisations that would not normally adopt technology to do so. We realise quickly the impact that it has on their organisation and understand the human change management that needs to take place, as well as the operational change management requirements.

That only leaves applying the experience of delivering short courses with the right technology to the context of Mental Health training and support.

Much in the same way that Mental Health college co-develop and co-deliver courses with both professionals and ‘expert by lived experience’ tutors, we do the same. We have co-developed Mind Recovery Net with our steering group of representatives from Oxfordshire, CNWL, Sussex Partnerships, MPFT, Thurrock Inclusion, Lincolnshire Recovery Colleges, and more recently South Yorkshire (Wakefield, Barnsley, Kirklees, Calderdale) and Southern Health.

Put it all together and we hope you like what we have built.


As one!