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Intelligent CRM software for the Mental Health support and training providers in the UK

Mindrecoverynet.org.uk is a customer relationship management (CRM) software crafted to help Mental Health Recovery Colleges and training providers manage their applications, students, courses, tutors, course schedule, venues, bookings, attendance and impact and outcome assessment.

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Learn and get support

Send details to registered providers quickly and efficiently. Have confidence that your information is being sent securely, directly to the provider you choose.

Register to be a Tutor

Share with others that are going through the same thing and become a Tutor. Mental Health Recovery Colleges are committed to co-creation and co-development of courses.

Register with Us

Free search results listing, or subscribe on a monthly or annual basis to use Mind Recovery Net software to manage your short course provision.

Expression of Interest

Your own customisable “Expression of Interest” form on your website, that is connected to your website but sends information to the Mind Recovery Net software automatically. Your learners won’t have to navigate away from your website to start their learning journey with you! Add any questions that will help you assess whether you are the right organisation for your user group. You can add expression of interest forms directly and convert the enquiry into an application.

Application Management

Review submitted Expression of Interest Forms all in one place, and add detail to the applicants profile as you learn more about them. See all the things you can do with an Application. Make that information available to your team that assess applications.

You can also add applications directly into the platform.

Induction Management

Manage your interviews, individual learning plans, personal learning goal setting and induction checklist. Send templated letters and emails through the system quickly and easily.

Student Management

See all information relating to recruitment and induction, and be able to book students onto courses quickly and easily, add Tasks, upload documents for keeping and sharing with your team, track communication, send emails directly from the system, mail merge to document templates, add contact details and next of kin and emergency contact details.


Manage Scheduled Courses

Manage your Scheduled Courses, from proposed dates, times and venues, all the way through to Scheduled Courses that are fully booked and are now operating a waiting list. Allocate your Tutors and if you have Tutor Corner switched on then let the Tutors see their schedule and communicate with you quickly and efficiently.


“Going to another recovery college today to present the amazing collaborative work that has gone into creating [Mind Recovery Net] just made us realise how much has been achieved in the past year. Thank you Action Starter for being up for this exciting project and here’s to recovery colleges hopefully working more together in future thanks to Mind Recovery Net!”

Oxfordshire Recovery College

“I had a discussion with one of your existing colleges this week, …. [she] was saying how she is at the exact same stage as us, which is exciting (but hard work for you!) she says the staff have really embraced it and are equally happy as our guys to have something that meets the requirements – and everyone LOVES the dashboard! Such a great part of the system – well done” “With so many clunky systems in the NHS, MRN is breath of fresh air. MRN has made our job fun!” “The speed at which an EOI can be submitted and processed is incredible now!”

Central North West London Recovery College

“Things are well thank you, and I’m hearing woops from the team as they are going through the new system!” “I’ve been in post here at the college since January, and am now beginning to feel like I have a handle on MRN – it’s clear that it’s been integral to our ability to grow the college!”

Oxfordshire Recovery College

“You’ve clearly understood the principles of the College – and translated them into on online system that works for us” “Whoever built this clearly knows what we do, and who we support! The right things are available that allow us to have a natural conversation with our service users – putting them at ease, making them feel comfortable and opening up to the opportunities of support that we can provide – it is a real asset to our organisation” “The apps you have available are a comprehensive list of what we need to do to operate a learning college. The ones in development excite me as well! Looking forward to seeing them!”

Sussex Patnership

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