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Easily Capture Enquiries or Expression of Interests On Your Website


Your own customisable “Expression of Interest” form on your website

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Application Management


Review submitted Expression of Interest Forms all in one place, and add detail to the applicants profile as you learn more about them.

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Induction Management

Manage your interviews, individual learning plans, personal learning goal setting and induction checklist. Create and send templated letters and individual emails through the system quickly and easily.

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Student Management

Book students onto courses quickly and easily, add tasks, upload documents for keeping and sharing with your team, track communication, send emails directly from the system, mail merge to document templates plus much more!

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Onward Recovery Management

Review personal learning goals with your students.

Assess outcome and impact. Find out more here.

Partner referrals. Find out more here.

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Tutor Management


Manage what courses they can deliver for you, and where, contact details and the tutor status, type and group. You can even manage the recruitment and selection process, and if you have Tutor Corner switched on, you can communicate with them through direct messages.

COMING SOON > Tutor QA Process. Find our more here.

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Tutor Corner


When your Tutors don’t work for you organisation, and don’t have access to your systems it takes more resources to help them do a good job and feel connected to the community that forms around your organisation. Now, with Mindreceoverynet.org.uk you can give all your Tutors access to their own platform.

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Course Management


Manage the Courses that you are able to deliver, take them through a Quality Assurance process both with and without a QA Panel, and make sure that you have a group of Tutors able to deliver these Courses once they are scheduled to run.

NEW – embed a list of Courses that you run on your own website

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Course Schedule Management inc Bookings, Venues, Attendance


Manage your Scheduled Courses, from proposed dates, times and venues, all the way through to Scheduled Courses that are fully booked and are now operating a waiting list. Allocate your Tutors and if you have Tutor Corner switched on then let the Tutors see their schedule and communicate with you quickly and efficiently.

NEW – embed a list of Scheduled Courses that you run on your own website

agent crm online form

Partner Management – COMING SOON

Find out more here.

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