“Recovery Colleges – State of the Nation” we have published our provider profiles

“Recovery Colleges – State of the Nation” we have published our provider profiles

  • September 14, 2017

Much in the same way that Mental Health colleges co-develop and co-deliver courses with both professionals and ‘expert by lived experience’ tutors, we do the same. In 2016 we co-developed Mindrecoverynet with significant input from Oxfordshire Recovery College.

Together, we carefully crafted the CRM software to support Recovery Colleges and Training Providers manage their mental health recovery services better.

The Oxfordshire Recovery College became the first adopters of MRN, and they loved it then – and they still do! The massive impact it has made to the way in which the Recovery College manages from its enquiries to its outcome assessment has been clear:

“ it’s clear that it’s been integral to our ability to grow the college!”

Oxfordshire Recovery College

By the end of October 2016, other Recovery Colleges reached out to us as a result of ImROC talking about MRN and since then, another three onboarded – Central and North West London NHS Trust, Sussex Partnerships and South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

This got us thinking about how many more Recovery Colleges there are in the UK. Everyone we spoke with had a feeling of “around 40-50.”

We searched for a single database of UK Recovery Colleges but we found that this didn’t exist- and so we decided to fill the gap!

We have completed thorough desk-based research to capture web address, contact details, EOI forms to download, EOI forms to complete online and Prospectuses – and made them available to all. We wanted to fill the gap and ensure that a complete list of the 70+ Recovery Colleges in the UK is made available to all. Here it is! https://mindrecoverynet.org.uk/providers

We haven’t stopped there. We know that healthcare systems across the globe often take inspiration from the UK and particularly from the NHS.

We have now started looking further afield, and found another 40+ Mental Health Training Providers operating in countries such as Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Italy.

We’re all set to publishing our global list towards the end of 2017!

Search for your Provider Profile now https://mindrecoverynet.org.uk/providers