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Request a Demo

If you like the features that we have built, the apps that you will make you woop with excitement as you realise you can spend more time supporting your service users and less time on admin, then there should be no reason why you shouldn’t fill in this form and request your own demo environment to have a play with. Don’t worry, you are NOT committing to purchase anything. We love it when new Recovery Colleges want to have a look around and see what the Mindrecoverynet user community are using everyday.

If you do like it, and do start to use it, then the Pricing and Plans are available to you.

We understand that there is procurement, IG, PIA and ICT approval to secure from your organisation before you subscribe. We are used to that process and we will support you through it.

Fill in this form and we can get going!

Subscription Enquiry
You can change this in the future. We will take steps to check that you have the authority to operate under that name.
You will be able to change this name, or add more users to your account.
Please make sure you use an email address that you have control over. Add @mindrecoverynet.org.uk to your white list so that our lively email notifications don’t get caught in spam.