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About the platform

Mindrecoverynet.org.uk is a customer relationship management (CRM) software crafted to help Mental Health Recovery Colleges and training providers manage their applications, students, courses, tutors, course schedule, venues, bookings, attendance and impact and outcome assessment.

It is for College Directors, Managers, Administration teams and Tutors to log in and see the information that they need to operate efficiently.

We have found that most Colleges and Charities that provide support and training in mental health principally follows the same processes. Everyone is committed to co-development of Courses, everyone is committed to individual learning plans and personal learning goals for their students, everyone wants a system that does not restrict access and prevents the natural flow of conversation with an applicant to be recorded.

If you too are committed to these things, then you can sign up for an account and get going in a matter of minutes. Our team of data integration and support staff will be available to help you if you ever get stuck.

All your data is held securely in the cloud, so it is readily available 24-7

Features, Benefits and Apps at your fingertips

We have got many features and benefits that you can look through as you are deciding which platform to go with to help you become more efficient, as well as a wide range of apps that you can add to your subscription to unlock additional functionality so you can do more, faster, quicker and easier.